Everyone who lives in Lidsville really flips his lid

“Have you ever thought you liked a terrible song just because you remembered it, mistaking mere recollection for actual nostalgia? That’s the way it is for me and “H. R. Pufnstuf.” I thought I had fond memories of the show until I had a chance to see it again, to hear the shrieks of an angry Witchie-Poo (the actress Billie Hayes in a ketchup-red wig), to be assaulted by swirling Day-Glo colors and a Freudian plot featuring a talking flute. Turns out that when I was 7, I had really, really bad taste.”

Emily Nessbaum of the New York Times Reruns: reconsiders the television legacy of Sid and Marty Krofft.

I was never very fond of most of the Krofft shows except for Lidsville, which featured Charles Nelson Reilly as an evil magician.

The TV Land website summaries the show this way: “After being wowed by a magician at an amusement park, teenager Mark is bent on learning the secrets that must be inside the illusionist