If you can’t post something nice, don’t post anything at all

Here’s an excellent, carefully thought and worded post on corporate blogging. I wasn’t sure at first what “corporate blogging” might be, but it turns out to be blogging from a company standpoint (as opposed to an individual’s standpoint). It’s what I’m recommending my web clients to consider … although so far all of them have said they haven’t the time, that they can’t commit to making daily or even weekly updates to a website, no matter how convenient the means of updating might be. I’m afraid they’re being short-sighted: Quick daily updates would keep their clients interested and aware of their products/services and help differentiate them (my clients) from the pack.

Then again, I have trouble getting to allt he tasks on my plate, so I also see the inherent problem in adding a new service that requires frequent attention.

Here also is Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto. The points are mainly focused on technology companies (because they’re the ones most likely to try weblogs at this stage) but they apply as well to companies providing other products and services.

(Both links courtesy of the delightful gapingvoid.)