Rockwellesque tableaus of multi-generational TV-watching

Jonah Goldberg was so shell-shocked by the incident that he suffered a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder that left him completely unable to generate timely pop-culture references. “Think of the more outrageous art controversies of the recent past,” he stammered, trying to think of something, anything, that fit that bill, while stumbling around the smoking rubble of his brain. Alas, the searing blast of Jackson’s breast had left only the sturdiest, decade-old cliches intact: “Karen Finley covers herself in faux feces to say something ‘shocking’ about capitalism or something. Robert Mapplethorpe did ‘new’ and ‘exciting’ (translation: proctological) things with inanimate objects.”

Soundbitten summarizes and analyzes the right-wing hyperbole generated by the Super Bowl halftime show.