In a New York state of mind

Tremble has been on a roll lately.

Of course, last night he did a reading at the “Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions” so we shouldn’t expect anything new today or perhaps tomorrow. But there’s much to enjoy with the recent posts.

I had the good fortune to be in NYC in September on a certain Wednesday night and I made a point of attending How to Kick People. Everything about it was great, and massively New Yorkesque. My friend Nancy and I arrived late and sat on the floor, basically on the “stage” such as it is, which in my opinion was better than sitting in a regular seat. I had already had two or perhaps three vodka martinis before the event, and during the break I had another (we were upstairs from the KGB Bar, and how can one not have vodka when in the KGB Bar?), and then afterwards maybe another or two, and I chatted with Bob Powers and Todd Levin (I think … perhaps “slurred some compliments at them” is a more accurate description) and fawningly followed Powers to another bar across the street where he sat talking with other people and genteely ignoring me. I was drinking more martinis and didn’t mind being ignored so much. Fortunately, very fortunately, my dear, dear friend Nancy escorted me back to my hotel before she caught an extremely late train back to the suburban wilds, so I was able to recover from my hangover in comfy safety.

I actually had an amazing day the next day as well, hangover notwithstanding, as I wandered around Manhattan and met up with my filmmaker friend Louis, whose film screening was the ostensible purpose for my trip in the first place. I witnessed film people meeting and schmoozing, was treated to free meals and drinks, saw a screening in the Conde Nast building and wandered unescorted in the famed cafeteria, then had cocktails in the lobby of the Algonquin. I couldn’t invent a day so perfect. Except maybe the hangover part, but then that served to cast the rest of the day in a glowier light.

I could go on, but to bring this post to something of a point, you should read Tremble and also Girls Are Pretty, and if you’re in NYC for a Wednesday night when How to Kick People is scheduled, you should attend. But also you should probably limit your vodka martini intake to four, no more than five.