Jesus Christ: Flavor of the month

From the Detroit News: What a trend we have in Jesus.

Even before “The Passion” hit screens, pop culture had reinvented the image of Jesus. Tabloid fashionistas such as Pamela Anderson, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Affleck and Lara Flynn Boyle have all been seen sporting the popular “Jesus is my homeboy” T-shirts.

Los Angeles-based clothing company Teenage Millionaire introduced the design three years ago. “We were looking at pop icons of the 21st century, and Jesus topped the list,” says Chris Hoy, a partner in Teenage Millionaire. “(The shirts) appeal to the religious people and the hipsters alike.”

The shirts present a friendly, down-to-earth image of Jesus, far from the tattered, crown-of-thorns wearing Jesus central to religious texts. They are a more mainstream way for people to support their religious beliefs, “rather than the classic crosses and traditional stuff,” says Angie Muir, a manager at Urban Outfitters in Ann Arbor where the shirts are carried.

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The message of Christ as homeboy is evidence society is moving from less of an organized religion view of Christ and more to a personal, spiritual view of Christ, says Vicky Thompson, author of