Uglydolls redux

Several recent visitors found this site by searching for “uglydolls” on Google. I mentioned some time back that I’m impressed with how the creators of Uglydolls developed a following and built the brand through nonstandard methods and good image management. Other than that, this site hasn’t been much of a resource on the subject.

So let’s correct that. Here’s a pic of an actual Uglydoll: Ice Bat. I ordered him the day I learned about Uglydolls, and he arrived a few days later in a strangely large cardboard box. I keep him on my bed. He’s terrific: cuddly and sweet and at the same time just a bit creepy. Kind of like a Tim Burton animation. Well, less creepy than that, but just as charming. I highly recommend getting one for yourself or for an unconventional child you love.

(I see that in June/July there will also be vinyl Uglydoll figures, for those who like the look but aren’t into the cuddling bit.)

Click the link below for a long and self-indulgent sidebar re: the photo above.

In the picture of Ice Bat you might note the tragically awful brown shag carpeting that still inhabits my hallway. Here’s another picture.


It’s distinctly 1957 and nasty in every way. I tore it out of the rest of the house but I left it in the hall, with the plan that it would protect the hardwood floor underneath while I renovated and painted the rest of the place.

It’s been four and a half years since then. Now, at last, I’m doing all the work in the place all at once. I’m having the main bathroom redone, tearing out the nasty plastic turquois tile and putting in this cool mosaic stuff, and my brother and I are prepping to paint the whole place. It’ll be gorgeous. It’s also several years overdue.

But when I finally do take out the last of the brown shag carpet? That’ll be sweet.