Selling more than chicken

In on-going Subservient Chicken coverage, here’s a concise and well-explained analysis by Joseph Jaffe on the brilliance of the campaign:

The one question that seems to be continuously asked is, “But did it sell chicken?” This is completely the wrong question to be asking. Perhaps a more appropriate question you should be asking is, “Does Burger King sell chicken?” (hint: think BURGER King). The answer is an emphatic “yes” — and if you didn’t know it before, you certainly do now.

Subservient Chicken is cocky, to be sure, but without question a smart and strategic campaign. It almost single-handedly put BK in the news for all the right reasons, when it seemed the only news that was worthy for this flailing brand was bad news — at a time when the only flame-grilled item on the menu was the company itself.

(Link via the excellent MarketingVox, which also is maintaining a list of other relevant Subservient Chicken and viral marketing links.)