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How to celebrate Bloomsday (June 16) in Pittsburgh:

The James Joyce Society of Pittsburgh is presenting a reading (in three concurrent sessions) of Ulysses:

Join us for a reading of James Joyce’s Ulysses the most famous novel of the 20th century, that made a Dublin day – June 16, 1904 – immortal…at FINNIGAN’S WAKE
20 East General Robinson Street
Near North Side
(close to the Alcoa Building)
parking available in building
8:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.

FREE and OPEN to the public
Bring your copy of Ulysses and read along…

The James Joyce Society of Pittsburgh,
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh,
present a reading of
James Joyce’s Ulysses in three concurrent sessions

Session 1
8:00am Telemachus
9:00am Nestor
10:00am Proteus
11:00am Aeolus
1:00pm Scylla and Charybdis
3:00pm Sirens
5:00pm Nausikaa
7:00pm Ithaca, Pt.2

Session 2
8:00am Calypso
9:00am Lotus Eaters
10:00am Hades
11:30am Lestrygonians
1:30pm Wandering Rocks
3:30pm Cyclops
6:00pm Oxen of the Sun
8:30pm Penelope

Session 3
8:00am Circe
3:00pm Eumeus
6:30pm Ithaca, Pt. 1

If you’d like to brush up on the history of James Joyce’s masterwork and read the whole unwieldy thing online, you can do so here.