Hecklers needed

As I mentioned over at Sticky Notes, I’ll be venturing out into public this week. Thursday evening at 7pm, I’ll be speaking at the Barnes & Noble in Cranberry Township, on Rt. 19 near I-79.

The event is “Your Own Words,” a monthly meeting organized by the store. It’s described as “a hybrid between book group, author appearance and your standard workshop.” The meetings take place the first Thursday of each month, starting at 7pm.

For my part, I’ll be speaking about writing for online markets, and about online publishing as a whole — what you’d want to write for an online publication, finding publications that suit your work, tailoring your material to suit your market, and so on. I’ll also talk about how online writing is similar to and different from print writing.

The event isn’t listed on the B&N website, but I’m pretty sure it’s still a go. And if it’s not, I just might speak anyway. Do come by. I’ll be answering questions about online publishing, writing, and anything else. Recommendations for web editing software, tales of the Inkburns slush pile, reminiscences of Boston nightclubs in the late 80s, suggestions for the best drinks and appetizers for Labor Day parties: It’s all fair game.

You can find directions at the B&N website. I hope to see you there!