And yet I can’t remember how “schadenfreude” came into the conversation

Did we have a swell time at yesterday’s Pittsburgh BlogFest? Indeed we did!

The phenomenon was explained to those not in the know by others more intimately familiar with it. We learned about a new blog launched that very day. We lamented the unexplained disappearance of certain well-loved comedy albums.

New art exhibitions were heralded; politics were intelligently discussed; recent art blog wars were mentioned but tabled for later discussion.

Specially cultivated apples were distributed and eaten.

A tired but happy baseball fan attempted to set us up as her husband’s “internet girlfriend” (a proposal we are still considering). Insider scoops on Pittsburgh’s entertainment venues were shared. Special by-popular-demand postings with photos were promised for the next day (and then delivered!).

There was a notable amount of live knitting and display of funky yarns. We discovered that one can learn knitting by reading about it on the Internet.

And importantly, various thoughtful and clever ideas for organizing the proposed directory of Pittsburgh-area blogs were suggested. (We hope to have some useful bits running soon … details to come.)

And a significant moment of personal growth: Ever since I first read the word schadenfreude, I have mispronounced it. BlogFest attendees sprang to my aid, and I now have at least a 50/50 chance of saying the word almost correctly. Thanks, BlogFest!

Many absent blogs were missed, and mentioned with fondness. Regrettably, no local sports blogs were represented at the event. We speculated they might have been thrown by the prominent mention of knitting in announcements. We hope they’ll overcome their concerns in time for our next BlogFest.

Which, with any luck, will be soon.