Big Ben’s blog

Ooh! ooh! More Steelers goodness! Ben Roethlisberger has a blog:

I never wanted to play at the expense of someone getting hurt, especially when he is as great of a guy as Tommy is. But I knew I had to be ready when the team needed me, and I am trying my hardest to fill in well for Tommy and just win football games. These games have been a lot of fun (obviously it’s always more fun when you win!) I definitely need to take some time here to thank my teammates for everything they do. They are making my job so much easier, and they really are the ones doing all the hard work.

It looks like he started it just after being drafted. So far he hasn’t been consistent with updates, but the quote above is from last Friday. I don’t expect we’ll see any starling revelations here — there will be lots of “I’m just grateful to be here” and “I only want to do my job as best I can” and “there’s really no competition between Tommy and me, he’s a great guy and I wish him well, whatever Coach Cowher says we’ll do” — but I’ll be checking it faithfully all the same.

Hey, maybe Ben will come to the Pittsburgh BlogFest!

(Many thanks to Exit Stage Left for pointing out the new Pgh blog.)