Let’s get small

Of the Google searches by which people find this site, the one that pleases me most is “electric dog polisher.” We have thus far mentioned such a thing only once and yet we’re currently in the top 10 sites using it — score!

The phrase, or at least our use of it, is of course from Steve Martin’s very funny album Let’s Get Small. Here’s the bit in which it features:

I’m into bread. I love money, I love everything about money, I love to eat it. Money.

They say you can’t take it with you? I’m taking it with me.

I’m into bread. I love bread.

I bought some pretty good stuff. Got me a $300 pair of socks. I got a fur sink. Oh, let’s see…. Electric dog polisher, that was a good one. Gasoline-powered turtleneck sweater.

And of course I’ve bought some dumb stuff too.

While it’s funny on paper, his delivery improves it immensely. If you haven’t heard this album, or haven’t listened to it in years, do check it out. The album is available via iTunes, but most unfortunately “Let’s Get Small” is the only track omitted. Hunt down the CD or, better yet, find someone with the original LP and a working record player. You may even find some leftover traces of … let’s call them “enhancing substances” in the seams and cracks of the album cover. A true relic of the 80s!

An interesting tidbit: On January 9, 1979, well before Wal-Mart became the powerhouse retailer/censor on the block, K-Mart pulled Steve Martin’s “Let’s Get Small” from the shelves for being in “bad taste.”