You like long walks on the beach too?

Another one of my entrepreneurial ideas has been taken: PersonalsTrainer offers to fix your personal ad so you sound more like you than you can manage yourself.

However, the lead example offered on the home page is less than reassuring. The “before” is definitely all kinds of wrong (“I have a nice personality. I have 2 cats & I like to go to restaurants.”). But the “after” also leaves much to be desired (“I’m a mix between Mother Teresa & Britney Spears….”). Even assuming they mean the pre-2004, non-redneck Britney, would any right-thinking male want a combination of very-holy-but-wizened, chastity-vowed aid-giver and bleached, over-makeupped and under-dressed lip-syncher?

Actually, if you averaged out their wardrobes and hemlines, you might have a nice knee-length pencil skirt in an attractive shade of plum.

The big improvement is in the example photograph. Which, come to think of it, is the only part of the ad most men will look at. So maybe is on to something after all.

(Link via Gawker.)