From the outside, looking in

From the Guardian Unlimited (yes, I’m referencing British people again), a succinct guide to interpreting hour-by-hour exit poll results. Combine this with a color-coded map of the states, preferably one that lets you play out electoral college scenarios, and you can play election pundit in the comfort of your own home!

Or, if like me you don’t have cable TV and probably should not be all by your lonesome on such a tense evening, in the comfort of your local bar.

Oh, hey, this is pretty cool too. I need to find a bar with a TV and a wireless hotspot.

UPDATE: The NYT election guide has been closed (too bad, because it was fun to play with) is still online, and has been replaced with supplemented by an election results map. The new graphic doesn’t allow one to set up scenarios and forecast results. It has instead real results so far. Not much to see yet (6:30pmET), but presumably it’ll be more interesting in an hour.

UPDATE UPDATE: Oops…no, wait. The scenarios guide is still there — I was too impatient to give it time to load. Sorry.