Winning’s a habit, not only a dream

Recently, Dan Marino interviewed Ben Roethlisberger and gave the rookie a hard time for not knowing the “Steelers Fight Song,” from back in the 70s. Which I thought was funny — until I realized I didn’t remember it myself.

Oh, I remembered there was one, to the tune of the “Pennsylvania Polka.” It was inescapable in the Super Bowl years. But over time the lyrics and melody had fallen right out of my memory.

Thank goodness for this Interweb of ours: Here are two versions of the lyrics to the “Steeler Fight Song” (from the 1970s and 1995, with appropriate player names for the times). And here’s a site with a piano version of the tune and a bonus alternative “Pittsburgh Steelers Fight Song” from 1960.

Just keep that Steelers machinery humming.

UPDATE: So as soon as I posted this, I started thinking, “Hey, we need an updated version of this for the current team. Like, ‘Cowher and all his men are all on the team… Plaxico and Hines Ward are here for the show, and so is Randle El (El-Yeah!)…'” But then I came to my senses, because the minute we start singing Super Bowl songs and making up dances and looking at flights for Jacksonville in February, that’s the minute we bring down every kind of jinx on ourselves. So, my fellow Steelers fans, no new lyrics! Resist! (At least until the postseason.)

Slightly related: If you were looking for a way to give me a thoughtful gift and benefit charity at the same time, Hines Ward’s used cleats are up for auction this week.