Working for the weekend

I overslept this morning. That’s never good on a workday, and it’s particularly problematic on the day that starts one of my marathon weekends.

Tonight I have three events to attend/enjoy between 6:30 and 10 in Pittsburgh, representing art, literature, and dance. Then I hightail it back to Butler for a little night music.

I can’t stay out too late, and I must watch (not just watch, but remember to limit) my alcohol consumption, as the rest of the weekend is allotted to volunteer work, work work, other work, and a long neglected project. And preparations for next weekend.

Plus there’s a big game and long-awaited movie to fit in. And somewhere in there I need to spend a few hours on this novel I am committed to finish by December 31. Also, probably I’ll need to sleep at some point.

It’s all good stuff — I’m not complaining. My chosen schedule does make me feel rushed though, and sometimes I forget to enjoy the things I’m doing and rushing between. More troublesome, when I overbook and have to let things slip, the tasks that seem to suffer most are those that generate income. Very soon I’m not going to be able to afford myself.

I suppose one solution would be to find ways to derive income from the things I love doing most. Anyone know of a high-paying job that involves sitting in cafes and bars, talking with people while intending to work on a novel?