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Unlike many others, I’m not skilled at creating things with yarn. But if you are, you might like to try out this nifty crocheted item: a crochet model of chaos. That is, they’ve made a thing that uses “25,511 crochet stitches to represent the Lorenz equations.”

The idea for the “Lorenz manifold” model came about during the Christmas break two years ago.

Dr Osinga, who learnt to crochet when she was seven, was relaxing by crocheting some hexagonal lace motifs.

Prof Krauskopf asked her: “Why don’t you crochet something useful?”

Eighty-five hours of work and some supporting steel wire later, they had something almost a metre across which looks not unlike a big Christmas decoration – which is what they are using it as.

The part I most love is the clause “relaxing by crocheting some hexagonal lace motifs.” Clearly these people have not only a lot of time on their hands, but also a very different idea of “relaxing” than I do.

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