6 replies on “Coffee, tea, or me?”

  1. Sounds like a neat way to spend some of your time. And you make a nice story in the way you tell about it -fun to read and it has that “life is rich” quality.
    Thanks for the link:)

  2. No black beret for me. I have trouble with hats.

    All the other coffee specialists at Cummings have tattoos so that would seem the appropriate thing to do to fit in, except that I have exactly no desire to get a tattoo. What image would I want on my skin for the rest of my life?

  3. Sarah: You snooze, you lose, babe! If you’re back on the old home turf on a weekday morning, stop by and I’ll fix you something special. Or maybe you can even pull your own drink, for old time’s sake.

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