More articulate than you might expect

Welcome, readers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Sorry the place is a little messy — been busy with holiday and end of the year activities. December is so hectic, don’t you think?

Anyway, I’m quite glad that you decided to click on over, especially given how generally inarticulate I sounded in the quotes in the PG article. “Almost more flavor than people can put into a publication that’s going to be sold”? Yick. This is why email interviews are preferable to phone interviews — one can revise and improve upon the first wording. Although I’m now not sure what I was trying to say in the first place, so the best improvement would be to cut that sentence right out.

So let’s see. Here’s the entry on The Billy Nayer Show, with the link to “Ham.” Here’s a bit about Mr. Toast. He’s really the property of my travelbug sister Laura and quite the world traveler in his own right. Look for him in the Burning Man photos.

I’ve not created a site description and I don’t have particular favorite entries (except I do like the graphic in this one). So your best bet will be to wander around and see what you like. Share and enjoy.