Well-begun is half-done

I’m quite superstitious for a modern gal, and so I’m both pleased and dismayed to have read that “anything you do on New Year’s Day you do every day for the rest of the year.” I’m pleased in that I now have some way of controlling my actions for the coming year, and dismayed in that I’m only finding out now, when the day is more than half done.

So far, it looks like 2005 will be filled with waking up late, reading things on the internet and posting about them, drinking coffee and not eating, cursing the absence of my broken iPod and listening to old CDs, buying new CDs, and getting a bit of work done. Which, except for the not eating part, means it will be very much like 2004.

But I have many hours yet in this day. I’ve already planned to eat dinner with my family — can I interpret this as “spending time with family members” so I don’t have to have sit-down meals with them each of the next 364 nights? I also still expect to get a bit of exercise and to write. I’ll have to set aside a few minutes to play piano as well. And if I can manage just a half hour of organizing … why, I’ll be a pure dynamo for the remainder of the year.

I’ll have to avoid the television while at my parents’ or else I’ll be forced to finally get cable, so I’ll have something besides DVDs to watch in the coming year.