Yes, I am still here. I apologize for the complete lack of content in days, and the lack of original thought in longer. I have been:

1. concluding my work as producer of a play, which may have cured me of any interest in producing any plays, anywhere, ever again

2. accepting an acting role in an upcoming, much smaller play, which I hope will not take so very much of my time, although I know it will more likely consume me anyway via other, unexpected means

3. ramping up work on new web clients and wrapping up work on others

4. working on a big relaunch of my marketing/web design business, complete with hiring personnel other than myself and purchasing new computing equipment (a new iMac G5! with a floating flat screen and minimalistic white glowy hardware! which refuses to converse with my existing computer equipment or to share files or printers or anything!)

5. fighting with my computers and losing (see #4)

6. feeling massively guilty about the year that has passed since I did real work on Inkburns, and wondering if I should search for someone to take it over but not wanting to give it up either

7. attending an interesting play at the Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre

8. worrying about money — mine, the lack thereof

9. buying tickets to see Green Day (despite #8)

There’s more, but I fear I have already exhausted the patience of the few remaining visitors to this site.

However, do please come back soon to see what fun items I am able to create with my new, spiffy iMac with iLife and GarageBand and every other fun new software product! And what I manage to achieve with my regular human Life as well!