Can’t Keep a Funky Rooster Down

Ain't he handsome?I have overcome my fears and hung the concrete-and-stained-glass rooster on the kitchen wall. It looks fab: Click the picture for a bigger view.

It’s not done though. I am not entirely crazy about how the gray concrete looks with the chartreuse color of the wall, plus the yellow table fails to coordinate with chartreuse as well, so I’ve planned to put an accent block of paint around and about the rooster. In keeping with the 50s tone of the whole thing, I’m thinking turquoise.

How will it look? It will be a sight to behold.

I still need to measure out and tape off exactly the right block of space. Unfortunately our long run of sunny weather seems to have come to an end, and now I also need to wait for a dry day. But soon, soon, it’ll be done.

UPDATE: Anthony, who is more proficient with Photoshop than I am, suggested that I add a drop shadow to the mockup to make it look less fake. So here’s how that looks. He also said he thought
the color block would be smaller
, more like a frame than such a wide expanse. Or maybe
a nearly arbitrary stripe
that would just join the rooster and the light switch. I’m leaning toward the stripe now.

3 replies on “Can’t Keep a Funky Rooster Down”

  1. I would have to sit right down and eat myself a bowl of Kellog’s Corn Flakes underneath that rooster.

    For what it’s worth, I prefer the larger, squarer block of turqoise. Not normally all hung up on symmetry, but I don’t dig the “stripe” behind the rooster at all. It would make me feel like that big ol’ hunk of concrete is unsteady and about to clunk me on the head.

    That’s just me, though…

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