Lingering aftereffects

BlogFest 3 Rollcall
By now you’ve seen all the posts and articles about BlogFest 3: When Bloggers Appear in Public!

Here’s one final artifact for everyone: an online copy of the “sign-in sheet” from the event. I know there were at least a few other blogs at the party who aren’t on the sheet. I set it out partway through the night, so I think not everyone knew about it — my apologies to you if you missed checking in.

Actually, maybe some folks didn’t want to commit to having been there until they were sure what kind of event it would turn out to be. What if things turned rowdy and we all were hauled off to the pokey? You know how these blogging types can be.

Even I forgot to really check in: I put down My Brilliant Mistakes but forgot all about Sticky Notes, the writing and publishing blog we have over at Fat Plum. What kind of marketing professional am I? Not the best kind, apparently.

Click the image above for a full size version, complete with links to the associated blogs.

(Hey, Life with Five and Eclipse Dynamics! Send me your URLs and I’ll link to you too.)

UPDATE: The map is now complete … at least, as complete as can be. Now if only we can set up that regional map of all the area blogs, we’ll really know where we are (or where we’re at, for all y’uns round here).

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  1. Aha!

    Sorry I didn’t remember your web incarnations prior to Challenge Impossible. I’ve updated the image map. (Matt, I substituted a link to Challenge Impossible for Life with Five, but maybe you’d rather I linked straight to the old photo gallery? But then again, it seems like it would be nice to link to CI now that it exists….)

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