Collected at random: Back to school edition

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (of “The Office”) are considering creating a run of online talk/humor radio shows – “about a half hour of new chat each week” avaoiable for free. They’re conducting a poll to see if people would be interested. Show your interest (or lack thereof) at the Ricky Gervais website:

If you haven’t yet seen The Blue Explosion’s video for “Burn It Off,” or if you haven’t had your daily dose of skeleton pirates and sharks as fighter planes, you’d best click here right away.

Looking for something very different that rocks just that hard but also reminds you of the early 80s? This is for you.

Does the arrival of early Fall have you feeling nostalgic for dormroom cuisine? Lifehacker has collected some delightful recipes featuring ramen noodles. (Personal note: I subsisted on ramen for most of freshman and sophomore years, until I contracted mono and had to adopt healthier eating habits. So I must warn you to approach these recipes with caution, as ramen is decidedly habit-forming.)