I am a novel-writing machine

Tonight I ventured down to populous Cranberry Township to write with fellow NaNoWriMo-ers. The Panera here is crazy busy — the meeting room was double-booked, people milled around looking for open tables — and all the same this has been my most productive writing day all month. 3,211 words in under three hours.

You’d expect the laptop to be melting from the heat of my writing speed, but it’s holding up well — perhaps because this place is freaking freezing.

I’ve largely dropped the chick lit elements of my previous plan, focusing right now on simply following the basic mystery plot. I’m a little annoyed at how it keeps drifting toward a police procedural. But the detectives on the case are sort of amusing, and the heroine really is in a pickle. Also, organized crime has surfaced. It’s a simplistic collection of all the most common cliches, and yet I’m still enjoying it. I have not idea how it’s going to resolve, but I’ve over half a book yet to figure that out.