It’s martini time

I love a martini
but two at the most.
Three I’m under the table,
four I’m under the host.
–Dorothy Parker

It’s National Drunken Writing Night (NaDruWriNi), conveniently scheduled during NaNoWriMo. I have certain other plans for the early part of the evening though, so I’ll have to save the heavy drinking and writing for later.

Earlier today I pounded through the start of chapter 5 of the NaNoWriMo novel. (The chapters don’t mean anything — they’re essentially file numbers to match the days on which they were written. For example, there’s exactly one word in chapter 4, “I…,” and it’s there only so I’d have no missing chapter even though I didn’t have time to write yesterday.)

But even though I haven’t time for writing at the moment, there’s nothing preventing from drinking. For now I’m sipping a delightfully cold vodka martini. (Don’t give me that “not a real martini” look — James Bond takes his martinis with vodka too. Have one and you’ll see they’re plenty real. And plenty yummy!)

Tune back in later this evening to check for alcohol-infused fireworks, and to see how long I can stick with the hard stuff.

Na zdrowie.

UPDATE: Please note that NaDruWriNi entries will contiune sequentially after this post. Enjoy and comment as needed. Cheers!