3 replies on “Going to Disney World!”

  1. Hey Cindy, I tried to comment on the burbon post and the brokeback post and couldn’t. not that I have anything compelling to say. But,I did think you should have been drinking burbons while fixing the computer glitches…would feel better that way, I imagine. Anyway, I’m movie deprived, but would like to see brokeback. I’m notorious for ruining movies for people. Not by telling what happens but saying how great they are and thus creating an unreachable expectation. Maybe that’s happened with Brokeback…Your teacher friend cracks me up…just when I think the world has changed.

  2. Sorry — I forgot to flick the switch on Urban Bourbon to allow comments.

    I would have liked to have been drinking while problem-solving, but I fear it would have caused more trouble than it fixed. Also, doing so would have meant I’d have been drinking all day and night for the past two weeks, and even I can’t handle that.

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