Yesterday Apple Computer released a snazzy new product. It looks like this:

Apple Hi-Fi

Very clean and pretty, but what is it?

  • A boom box, like the one I listened to nonstop from 1982 through 1985 (until I finally invested in a multi-component stereo system with one of those new-fangled CD players — sweet!)
  • Some kind of iToaster: In the picture it looks like you insert your iPod in the top to download new music or videos or brainwaves or whatever they’re selling on the iTunes store now, and when the download is finished your iPod pops out the top and you’re ready to dance! (or watch or think, etc.)

It seems to include that little pack of gum in front of it. I’m guessing that’s something to chew and enjoy while you’re waiting for your iPod to pop back out.

If you’d like to examine it more closely and yet virtually, here’s a rotating video to play with.

2 replies on “iToaster”

  1. oooooooohh, cooool.
    (Actually, it is sort of odd, isn’t it? But if it could cook for me, I’d buy it.)

  2. That’s an excellent point. I would pay $345 for something that would bring me simple and delicious meals.

    My concern would be that Steve Jobs would dictate the menu. He’s a vehement vegetarian and quite health-conscious. When I worked at NeXT, for a long time he would not allow any vending machine to be set up in our buildings. Eventually someone got one installed — under the stairs by the farthest exit, as far as possible from Steve’s office.

    Also, company functions were dominated by vegetarian foods. Which doesn’t sound too bad until you think about the pizza fests and barbeques at most tech companies. Or when you compare it to the deluxe restaurants at Oracle (a sushi bar even!).

    So if Steve is programming the food choices, then I won’t be buying iToaster.

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