When’s the next BlogFest?

Dear Pittsburgh-area bloggers:

We’re trying to schedule the next BlogFest. We thought we’d have everything in place by now, but it has been devilishly difficult to plan things right now at our normal location, Finnegan’s Wake.

I’m told this is because it’s baseball season. Apparently people like to go to Finnegan’s Wake before, during, and after baseball games, and thus the staff are unable to answer the phone. Or maybe they’re all training for positions on the team. Either way, we’re having trouble reaching them to reserve space.

So, we’re still working on it. Look for a real announcement soon. The event itself will most likely be on a Friday evening in May when the Pirates are playing away.

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  1. As always am appreciative and humbled by what you, Mike, and others have put together. I do have a few questions, though.

    Can we go to a different bar? Is the problem with another bar that they’re harder to find and not as central? Don’t you think a bar with cheaper beer would be more popular? Blogfest represents significant business for them; why don’t they answer the phone?

    Just for being a problem child, I’ll extend an offer to help also.

  2. Rob and Mark, thanks so much for the offers of help and kind words. As it happens, early yesterday evening Sarah from Finnegan’s Wake called me back at last. We are scheduled for 5/19. Hooray! I’ll post a more noticeable save-the-date announcement — for now, start thinking about your creative black tie attire….

    Mark, we thought about finding another place, but FW does offer several benefits. It’s pretty easy to find, has lots of nearby parking, offers food as well as drink, and is generally not smoky. Now it has free WiFi also, which makes it even more appealing — I’d love to have liveblogging at the next event, maybe also podcasting and so on.

    In the past we’ve had no trouble arranging events there, and they offered to book future events ahead of time. I think these recent problems were an anomaly.

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