So damn hot

“A Million Ways” by OK Go

I went to see OK Go plan at Mr. Small’s Theatre last Friday, on the spur of the moment. Fantastic decision on my part: Mr. Small’s is a super spot to see live music, and the crowd was big enough to have critical mass but no so large as to prevent frenetic dancing in the bar area.

Plus the band was on fire. OK, so the sound sucked for the first three songs, but they cured whatever was wrong and rocked the joint. And for me and the few other old folks in the audience, they covered Violent Femmes’ “Prove My Love” and ELO’s “Don’t Bring Me Down.” They closed the show with their choreographed masterpiece, exactly as shown above. It’s quite impressive to see in person.

If they swing through your part of the world, I encourage you to go and enjoy the show.

Don't we make an adorable couple?

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  1. I love them even more now that I know their dancing and choreography skills! (and I’m afraid I qualify as an old folk)

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