Here it goes again

I have raved in the past about OK Go, and I’ve linked to their videos and shown you photos of me being a blatant fangirl around them.

I don’t see any reason for that to change now.

Please enjoy their new video, which involves them and eight treadmills.

If you liked it — and I hope you did — then please go vote for them on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown.

Also, does anyone know where we can get 8 treadmills? It looks like fun.

6 replies on “Here it goes again”

  1. Yes, bizarre and awesome, in equal parts. And the band members seem to have varying degrees of comfort with the whole thing. Note how the guy in the jacket keeps having to yank on the bottom of it because it’s riding up, and how Damian (in the red pants) does a slinky shoulder roll in the turn moves.

    Also, it’s no wonder they’re so skinny. Imagine how many practices it took to get it right.

  2. Oh, my. I would absolutely maim or kill myself doing that, even under the direction of a treadmill choreographer. But I love the video and promise not to try this at the gym.

  3. Two phrases came to mind: “Oh, my” and “very cool.” I no doubt would maim or kill myself (or others) trying to do that routine, even under the direction of a trained treadmill choreographer. I promise not to try this at the gym.

  4. Sorry, you can tell I was overwhelmed with emotion and awe and accidentally posted twice. I enjoyed the video – thanks for sharing, Cindy.

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