In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next you’re out

Can I get one of these please? In a much larger size, of course.Speaking of fashion, tonight brings us a new episode of Project Runway. I didn’t want to like this show, but I’m drawn to it — the design challenges, the psychological battles, the excellent and horrific outfits, and Heidi Klum’s hypnotizing smile.

My pick for winner is Laura. The dress pictured here (or maybe it’s a top?) is one of her creations for tonight’s Fashion Week episode. My other favorite designer is Michael, who has sharp style and comes across as the nicest fellow.

Incidentally, when I grow up, I want to be Tim Gunn. For those who don’t watch the show — and that’s probably most of you — Tim is Chair of the Department of Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design, which is where “Project Runway” happens. He’s also co-host of the show. His bio is here. Tim walks through the workroom door many times each episode. He explains the challenge, brings in the models, sternly instructs the designers how much time they have left to finish their creations and get their models to the Tresemme hair salon and L’Oreal Paris makeup room, and kibitzes on the developing designs.

I love to see the creases gather on Tim’s forehead as he stands, finger held thoughtfully to lip, and looks at a partially constructed dress — particularly if it’s a really awful dress. You can see he’s trying to figure out how to fix it, even when it’s clearly a lost cause. He’s so helpful, so kind, so concerned about these designers as they try to claw their way into the self-important world of frippery that is modern fashion design.

Of course Tim has a blog for the show. Nothing shocking, just summaries of what happened and reiterations of the collective judgements regarding the results. Yet each week there are hundreds of comments on each post. Everyone loves Tim.

UPDATE: Izzle Pfaff gives a biting and funny analysis of “Project Runway” and last night’s episode.