Bonne anniversaire

As of today, I have been around the sun 40 times.

Certain circuits have been more enjoyable than others. This new trip bodes to be great fun.

Plus, as of right now the Steelers seem to be preparing to give me a win for my birthday. Which is a lovely and thoughtful gift.

UPDATE: Despite that this post could be construed as having jinxed the team, I do not believe that I had any hand in the Steelers loss this week. I prefer to believe that the team is somehow thinking that an eventual second-in-a-row Super Bowl win after a season of turmoil will be a more dramatic, thrilling birthday gift for me, several months delayed though it would be. I wish to inform them that a solid, winning season, followed by a Super Bowl win, would be better for my heart and mood. Let’s just get back on track, boys, shall we?

7 replies on “Bonne anniversaire”

  1. Thanks all!

    Chance: I enjoy quite a bit of adventure, and I hope the joy will keep itself in balance too.

    Gene: I’m surprised at how well I’m taking the current season. Let’s hope the team and coaches are not so sanguine.

    Christina: Maybe that should be Polamaluscious. :)

    Venky: I’ve decided not to believe in jinxes, so let’s not blame ourselves. We need to blame someone else. I suggest Sienna Miller. Who’s with me on that?

  2. Yeah, blame it on her! (Seinfeld was smart enough on his show to joke that, even if the baby is butt ugly, you still say he/she’s beautiful. Duh, Sienna, duh!)

    Happy belated birthday!

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