My loves collide

Ze Frank, as envisioned by the NYT, is kinda freakyOne of my favorite short story writers is Matthew Klamm. (See Sam the Cat and Other Stories.)

The one vlog I watch every day is by one of my all-time favorite people on the web, Ze Frank.

Sunday’s New York Times Magazine includes an article by Matthew Klamm that features Ze Frank, along with other popular web video series like Ask a Ninja. The article is sort of odd, but then it would have to be.

You should still read it though.

7 replies on “My loves collide”

  1. Fool that I am, I knew nothing of Ze Frank and Ask a Ninja till PodCamp. I’ve been devouring them ever since (if devouring is the mot juste, and if “devouring” isn’t too homoerotic. Because I’m just in it for the comedy. Really.)

    And I’ve enjoyed Matthew Klamm’s stories as well, especially “Sam the Cat”. Even if I’m forced to reiterate that, yes, I’m heterosexual. Really. Seriously, I don’t dress that well.

  2. Gene, what with this comment and your recent blogging about your cat, you are definitely sending out certain signals.

    If you’re just now finding out about Ze Frank, make sure to check out his whole site: The first thing I saw from hiw was “How To Dance Properly.” Definitely look at “My Cat Annie” too.

  3. Hey Cindy, I’m suffering a terrible mind blank–what’s the name of this drink: A beer and a shot that’s lit on fire and dropped in the beer and chugged? A boilermaker? I know there’s another name, but can’t find it in my head for anything.

  4. Kathie, what you’re describing sounds like a Depth Charge. That’s a more dramatic version of a Boilermaker — you take a shot, typically whiskey or tequila in a shot glass, lower the shot glass into a beer, and then release. When the shot glass hits bottom, the whole thing fizzes like crazy, and you try to drink before it makes a mess.

    I’ve never heard of using a flaming shot though. I’m not sure how you’d execute it — wouldn’t you get burned?

    I may have to experiment with this one….

  5. Hey Cindy, my gosh, yes! This drink was a standard at CJ Barney’s when I was in college. You brainiacs at MIT probably were content to kill a few braincells without the risk of fiery hair or burnt off eyebrows. As soon as the shot is submerged the flames go out, but it does make for a fantastic spectacle. Let me know if you try it. Maybe have the entire family try it before the turkey on Thursday?

  6. It doesn’t sound like a drink my family will be really into, but I think it could fit well into other celebrations this holiday season. Also, it’s screaming out to be recording in video for this site, don’t you think?

  7. I do think the flaming boilermaker would be a perfect addition to the site! I’m thinking we used to call them Dr. Peppers because that’s how they tasted??? How the flaming part was born, I’ll never remember.

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