Write vs. draw

Nearly a third of the way through November. How am I doing on the various NaSiUFToMuMo* projects?

I’m just over 6,000 words into the NaNoWriMo novel. This being the 9th day of the month I “should” have 15,000 by the end of today, so that 6K isn’t as awesome as it might seem at first glance. Worse, I haven’t written a single word since Sunday. Work has me totally swamped. (OK, I did take a break to see “The Departed” … which was excellent and well worth the lost time.) Today I have a big chunk of unplanned time in the middle of the day, and I plan to spend it writing. Under ideal circumstances I can write 1000 words in an hour. My goal for today is 4000 words.

DrawMo, on the other hand, is going astonishingly well. It doesn’t take as long to make a drawing — at least, not at the quality level that I can manage — and a notebook and pencils are easier to port around and use than even my lovely PowerBook. My drawing ability isn’t necessarily improving, but I’m loosening up and being a little freer with what I do. Most importantly, I’m slowly getting over my fear of drawing — of doing something quite badly. I’m not subject to that kind of fear in other areas of life, and I don’t know why drawing and painting would be different. But at this rate, by the end of the month drawing and painting will be my friends.

You can follow my NaNoWriMo progress here, and see my DrawMo results here.

Oh, and you already know how NaDruWriNi went: awesomely well. But perhaps that was to be expected.

* NaSiUFToMuMo = National Sign Up For Too Much Month

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  1. Yay for drawing!!! Watch out… it begins insidiously like this… and before you know it you have a sketchblog…

    And congratulations on the 6K mark!

  2. Liz, I can feel it happening already.

    Although the drawing I did yesterday wasn’t great. Too little time, too much tiredness. (It’s not posted yet.) That was kind of a downer. But then, each day is a new opportunity — and that’s a big part of the appeal of this project.

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