Liveblogging the Pittsburgh Symphony

A quick note from the blogging event at the Symphony: You should be here. I’m very sorry you’re not.

We’ve enjoyed amazing performances of three wonderful works, plus the bonus of meeting the composer Christopher Theofanidis. For the second work, Beethoven’s Concert No. 1 in C major, the soloist was Yefim Bronfman, who I am learning is a star. Today he played with such delicacy and wit — and was kind enough to come back out for an encore. And then the Mahler? Fabulous.

Now we’re hanging out at a reception in a delightful little side room, with cookies and coffee, plus a special wi-fi network set up just for the occasion. People are talking about the concert, plus the scandal about the recordings of Joyce Hatto — in brief, recordings that she claimed to have made have recently been revealed to be recordings by other people … one of them Yefim Bronfman, to tie it to today’s concert.

I’ll write more later, about today and last night’s performance by the Butler County Symphony Orchestra. Right now I’m going to be a little less anti-social and get off the blog. Back soon.