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The Red Anthology of Hitherto Unknown WritersMay is nearly over, which means Short Story Month is almost over. And so it’s high time that I tell you that a short story of mine has been published in a brand new book.

The book is The Red Anthology of Hitherto Unknown Writers, published by No Record Press.

I am pleased and proud to have my work included in this collection. My story is “Love By the Numbers,” and it starts like this:

“The reason we’re not dating anyone is that we haven’t properly segmented our market.”

“I didn’t know we had a market,” I said.

“Of course we do. There’s always a market. The question is: do we know who the market is? And the answer is we don’t. So we can’t appeal to it.”

“We’re not appealing?”

“Don’t be so literal, Natalie. We’re appealing in the general sense. But our message isn’t aimed at our market.”

I probably shouldn’t quote the whole thing, so if you’d like to read my story you must buy a copy of the book. You can purchase it online from No Record for the surprisingly reasonable price of $9 plus tax and shipping.

For that price, in addition to my story you get an introduction plus 13 other stories, plus many reproductions of uncommonly interesting photographs. It is quite a bargain. Please enjoy.

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