Pittsburgh BlogFest 10, on May 10

Beer me!Pittsburgh bloggers: It’s time to socialize again. Please join us for Pittsburgh BlogFest 10.

WHAT: Pittsburgh Blogfest 10
WHEN: Thursday, February 22 May 10, 2007, 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM and beyond
WHERE: Finnegan’s Wake (near PNC Park, 20 General Robinson St., North Shore, 412-325-2601), in the Pub Room
WHO: All local bloggers, blog readers, podcasters, friends, Romans, countrymen
AND: Pittsburgh Bloggers. As always, if you plan to attend, please send an e-mail to blogfest AT closkey.com.

5 replies on “Pittsburgh BlogFest 10, on May 10”

  1. Umm — you might want to check your date under “when.” If I’m not mistaken, we already had a February 22 this year.

    Unless, of course, I’m some sort of super-scary see-into-the-future guy, and February 22, 2007 hasn’t really happened yet. If this is the case, I’m going to make a ton of money betting people that the Steelers draft a punter in the fourth round.

    Regardless, hope to see you there. Or, I hope I saw you there. Or I hope future-me enjoys seeing past-you there. Or something.

  2. Perhaps it’s all part of Mayor Opie’s “Moving Forward” program — this year, we’re moving February 22 forward to May 10.

  3. Wow, that would be sneaky. I’m not even in Pittsburgh — I didn’t think the young Mayor’s reach extended into Butler County. Maybe he’s moving northward as well as forward.

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