Oh, wondrously caffeinated day!

Look what I discovered at the local Giant Eagle this weekend:

Half a shelf of Peets!

There, amid the various overpriced coffees, it’s Peet’s! My much-loved, much-missed favorite brew from the west coast.

Two unfortunate things: Most of the Peet’s varieties on offer here are pre-ground; only the House Blend comes as whole beans. And the price is higher than any of the other coffees in the store.

But even at this higher price they’re less expensive than mail order. I’m trying to drink less coffee these days, but a cup of java in the afternoon has suddenly become tempting again.

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  1. Which Giant Eagle? What price?

    I like Peet’s dark roast. Makes me think I need to clean my coffee maker, though. I’d compare the taste to Fortune’s (where Patrick’s always riding the edge when it comes to the length of the roast). But the crema is awesome.

  2. I was at the Clearview Mall Giant Eagle in Butler. The price was $9.45 I think — that’s for 12 ounces. I agree they’re heavy on the roasting, even the House Blend. My favorites continue to be the Sierra Dorado and Major Dickenson’s Blends. I signed up for a coffee tour last year and tried a whole bunch of their varieties, and I found I enjoyed almost all of them.

  3. As much as I’d like to think I can wean myself off of the brew, I need it more than ever! I will look for Peet’s over here. But, almost $10…yeesh.

  4. Mark: $13 for 12 ounces is just silly. I can mail-order it for less per ounce, and get exactly what I want delivered to my door. What are they thinking?

    Also, I see an opportunity for arbitrage. I can buy bags here in Butler, drive to East Liberty, and hang out in the Whole Foods parking lot selling Peet’s for $10.50. I make money, others save money…. Everyone’s happy except Whole Foods.

    Is there a Giant Eagle somewhere down there? Maybe Whole Foods will be forced to drop their price.

  5. Cindy,

    We have a Giant Eagle/Market District up the street, but I haven’t seen it there. Maybe we can have a coffee swap at the next blogfest or podcamp.

  6. If the Pittsburgh Giant Eagles don’t come to your rescue, I’m happy to be the coffee source for one and all. It will be my privilege to spread the joy that is Peet’s.

  7. All I know, Cindy, is that next year when we’re at the wonderously rich and helpful Extreme Critique Weekend, you must charge us all an extra two dollars or so for the purchase of Starbucks coffee. I prefer breakfast blend, but I’m sure I could bring my own if need be!!! We are having another one, right?

  8. Kathie: Yes, we’ll have another weekend as soon as we can — certainly we should have one once a year at least, and I think everyone would like them to be more often. And definitely we will work on the Coffee Situation next time, because the stuff that was served this most recent time was unacceptable. Who can be expected to critique, or have their writing critiqued, without an adequate supply of quality caffeine??

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