Pimp my daemon

According to the people making the film adaptation of Philip Pullman’s novel, I am a study in contradictions. How can I be both proud and modest? Or shy and assertive? Please clean up this mess with your perceptions of me by clicking the above movie and answering a couple of questions.

I hope I don’t end up with a gibbon.

UPDATE: Ooh, my daemon has changed! The name and description are the same, but where I had a big tiger before, now I have an ocelot or some other middle-sized cat.

UPDATE 2: And now it’s a mouse. Are people really convinced that I’m shy? Or in the PUllman novel are the bossy daemons the mice and other small critters?

(Title of this post and link blatantly stolen from Radosh.net.)

4 replies on “Pimp my daemon”

  1. So i found my own daemon on the movie site and it was a raven. One in about 8000 ravens. I see yours has changed from tiger to mouse. interesting.

  2. Norm: A raven sounds like a good one. Never more and all that.

    Now I’m a raccoon. I have no idea what to think of these critters. Clearly I need to read the book. The movie won’t be out until December and that’s much too long to wait.

  3. Jia: The raccoon seems to be haunting me. You’d think if I were going to be haunted, it would be by a raven — like in the Poe poem. But I guess the raven is busy trying to make Norm paranoid.

    So maybe the raccoon is more of a stalker.

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