It’s drafty in here

Tonight the Pittsburgh Celebrity Fantasy Football League holds its draft, which means I’m heading to meet up with fellow team owners, lists of favored players in hand.

I didn’t field a team in any league last year, and because I had no special incentive to follow any team but the Steelers, I paid zero attention to the NFL. It was like the 2006 season never happened.

So I feel a little wrong-footed going into this draft. Our scoring is also different from what I’ve played in the past, and we have ‘way more players than I’m used to fielding. Three WRs? Plus a TE and a flex player? I expect to be picking many, many players whose names I’ve never seen — let alone whom I’ve seen play.

Still and all, I’m not too worried. In years past, my key skill as a fantasy football team manager has been making clever free agent pickups. It’s OK with me to lose the first week, and even the second, if it means I can grab an unknown running back or wide receiver who has a stunning game early in the season. Ahoy, “Breakout Player of 2007”: You will be mine.