Month Impossible: Day Fourteen


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Almost halfway through my month of impossible challenges. It’s not quite time yet to reflect on the wisdom/stupidity of these things I’ve set out to do.

So instead: Here is a drawing of a necklace that my sister Laura gave me. People tell me that I’m stylish, funky, hip, fun. My little sister Laura is all this and more.

Laura will be traveling in Central America for the Christmas holidays — I think she’s going to Guatemala, but she might be heading to Ecuador; she hasn’t left yet and I’ve already lost track of her. I’m hoping to convince her to blog about her travels. You can find a (very old) blog about her past adventures at Have You Heard From Laura?. (Yeah, 2004. I know. She’s not a born blogger like yours truly.)

Here’s my idea: Please post a comment here to say that you’re interested in hearing about Laura’s travels this year. A simple “hell, yeah!” will do. I’ll use your vote of interest to bully talk Laura into sending us photos and updates about her trip.

Think of it: an attractive blonde all-American girl, with boundless energy and a loose command of Spanish, wandering around Central America for the Christmas/New Year’s season, reporting back on what she encounters so we can live vicariously through her.

It’s bound to be fun. I think Mr. Toast is going too. I want to know all the grand times they experience. Don’t you? Please let say so in the comments.

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  1. Yes, yes! Please let me live vicariously! I don’t get to roam around foreign countries much these days — only around big box stores and shopping malls. Please bring joy to our lives through your tales and travels!

    (Hey, a little guilt can’t hurt.)

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