Month Impossible: Day Seventeen, 2PointHome

If you’ve been following my Month of Challenges, you know that today I planned to finally catch up on NaNoWriMo. You also probably know me better than I do, and guessed that I would not succeed in this plan.

I went to an event in McCandless today, a suburb north of Pittsburgh, to check out the filming of the reveal of a home improvement show, and the surrounding hubbub and block party. The show is called MyHome2.0. It’s created and produced by Verizon, so there was a lot of marketing of Verizon products, especially FIOS. And there were lots of giveaways and goodies, including some earmarked for bloggers and podcasters like me who attended and wrote about the event.

I was given a cute little Flip Videocam — just like the one Oprah has been giving out and using — so I shot a little footage at the event.

Considering how small and light and simple this camera is, it shoots good quality footage. That is, it would if handled by an operator with steadier hands and more experience and skill than yours truly.

Here’s my clip of Brian, one of the on-screen gurus from the MyHome2.0 show, talking about the challenge of supplying a family that includes nine kids.

The episode of MyHome2.0 that was filmed today and this week won’t air for a while of course, but the first episode is showing. You can see find clips and podcasts online at the 2PointHome website, and in the Pittsburgh area you can watch the episode Sunday morning at 11am on WPGH Fox 53. You should check it out at least to see the three gurus in action. They are kooky, lively, smart, and quite engaging. And the stuff the team puts in these houses they renovate is drool-worthy.

The day was fun, especially seeing behind-the-scenes and how a show like this is created. Just snippets, but good stuff. The block party Verizon threw for this was huge, and while a number of neighbors were probably inconvenienced the folks I saw seemed happy, excited, and interested in what was going on.

Several other bloggers and podcasters were on-hand or dropped by — I’ve never seen so many video cameras and high-quality TV cameras in use at the same time, and as many people filming other people, filming crowds and whatnot. And afterwards a bunch of us headed over to Mad Mex for beer and food. A fine fall day.

Tonight I made one more drawing for DrawMo, which I’ll post tomorrow.

No noveling, as I mentioned. I received an email from Neil Gaiman (as did everyone else who’s signed up for NaNoWriMo), and in it he encouraged us all not to give up, to keep writing. In my case, to restart writing. OK then!

3 replies on “Month Impossible: Day Seventeen, 2PointHome”

  1. Wow…9 kids.

    Sounds like it was a fun little event. I wish I could’ve made it. Sounds like you had a good time!

    The video quality of the flip cam isn’t bad at all!

  2. Cindy,
    Sorry your planned NaNoWriMo catchup didn’t pan out — but at least you got to see the cool event! And you received the email of encouragement from Neil Gaiman. I haven’t received any NaNoWriMo emails — somehow I must not have clicked the right button on my profile page or something!

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