Month Impossible: Day Twenty-four, revving up

There’s less than a week left in this month of challenges. Little time to blog, so let’s quickly asses the situation….

DrawMo update: I’m drifting behind on drawings — only 15 done, meaning my new quota is two a day for the duration, plus an extra or so when possible. This shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t drawn in two days though, due to…

NaNoWriMo update: I’m finally writing, at torrid speeds. I found a frightening little widget, which is now in the sidebar of this site. For each passing day, the widget shows what my new daily quota should be for the rest of the month, given my progress to date. The green bars are the amount I actually wrote in a day, while the red is the amount or additional amount I needed to write. There’s a lot of red there, but as you can see for recent days there are also healthy stretches of green. I need to make the remaining bars fully green.

So far tonight I’ve written about 1800 words, and I’m aiming for 5000 total before bed. I’m tired, but the writing is proceeding as smoothly as possible. The actually plot needs a big jump of adrenaline, so it’s time for a plot twist. Maybe with a surprise or two, and the introduction of a new character, I can reach 20,000 words. It doesn’t look so impossible right now.

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  1. Cindy, this is fantastic news! And your widget is quite cool. Sunday you’ll no doubt break 20,000 words (you were so close Saturday!) — so congratulations! If you need an added incentive to keep going, just think: when you do indeed finish with 50,000 words you may well hold the record for greatest NaNoWriMo comeback. We’re talking the stuff of legend. I’ve no doubt you can do it!! Keep going!

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