No kidding.
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I’ve caught some kind of contagion, and it has left me too sick to do much besides blow my nose and bemoan my existence. Looking at the laptop screen is making me wince.

While I’m away, please amuse yourself over at Germ Circus, where Jennifer has been seeking out the hilarity of germs. Actually, she has been writing humorously about germs, in all their seriousness. And mingled in there are some useful bits of information too.

I’m off to drink more fluids and sleep. Back when I’m less snotty.

4 replies on “A-choo”

  1. Jennifer: Thanks, and excellent point. Blogging helps me remain in contact with the world, yet safely quarantined. Hooray for the Internet!

    Uncle Crappy: It is a significant measure of my illness that even a hot toddy doesn’t sound appealing. I hope to recover very soon.

  2. Feel better soon… at least enough to fire up a hot toddy. I was looking forward to happy hour but figured you were out of commission! We’ll do it soon.

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