Don’t lick it

Little bit of a setback today, so no proper post today. Regular posting will resume tomorrow. For now, please enjoy some Eddie Izzard, imitating someone else imitating Christopher Walken:

Need more Eddie Izzard? Of course you do. And here’s a treat: Eddie Izzard monologues visualized in Lego:

(Izzard in Legos link via Coudal Partners.)

5 replies on “Don’t lick it”

  1. Mean Gene: I agree that the spaghetti strap dress is not his best look, but if it makes him happy — and more importantly, if it makes him more inclined to be funny — than I am absolutely OK with him wearing it.

    Michael: I adore Eddie Izzard, and I’m delighted to have been the one to introduce you to his standup act. Oh, he’s amazing. My favorite of his shows is “Glorious,” which features a history of the world with God in the voice of James Mason and Noah voiced as Sean Connery. Available on Netflix, I’m sure. So grand.

  2. You have just gained serious points in my book Cindy!!! I have been an Eddie fangirl for years and I have all of his standup on either DVD (I’m missing Sexie still) or CD.

    Also, the bit he does about Darth Vader and the Deathstar Cafeteria is priceless. Oooohh… and the bit he does about techno joy and printers! I could go on here all day… really…

    Do you have a flag? ;)


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