Keeping track of Laura

Laura in the snow

Some weeks back I mentioned that my sister Laura is traveling through Latin America over the Christmas holiday, and that I would be renovating her blog so she can keep us informed on her whereabouts and adventures.

At last, the new site is up (mostly — still have to migrate photos to the new gallery), and Laura has posted her first new entry. Please stop by Have You Heard From Laura. You can leave her a comment to wish her a Merry Christmas and offer encouragement as she struggles to learn Spanish.

Most of her posts are from previous trips. Note the photos of her traveling companion, Mr. Toast. He’s seen much more of the world than I have.

One of the striking things about Laura is how quickly and easily she meets people and makes friends. This new post is a perfect example. Within forty-eight hours she met at least a half dozen people, got recommendations on where to stay and eat, and made arrangements to hang out with like-minded travelers. Who needs a guide book?