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  1. Good stuff — but I wish somebody would get around to crunching the numbers on the relationship between the vigor with which one’s arms are waved way up in the air verses the degree to which one doesn’t care.

  2. My sister pointed this out to me [because I hadn’t picked up on it]: if you click on the graphs, it links to the YouTube video for the song. I’m not well-versed in rap myself, so many of the references were lost on me as well, but I did waste a portion of my work day trying to figure out which ones I did know.

  3. I can’t lie… I saw the graph on your site and actually laughed loud enough to draw some glares. When I showed the graph, I was met with blank stares…

    I went to the main site and I have been giggling since!

    One of my favorites is the MC Hammer “You can’t touch this” graph… oh, I think I’m getting a side cramp!

    Thank you for making my day!

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