As she deceived me I watched and went out of my mind

Today I was in the mood for a little Tom Jones: specifically, for his 1968 hit "Delilah."


So great. But then Peterb suggested I check out The Sensational Alex Harvey Band‘s cover. And sure enough, it’s fab!


Tom’s version is still my favorite, I think, but I’m excited to add The Sensational Alex Harvey Band to my playlist. One can never have too much 70s glam rock.

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  1. Tom Jones is half Jim Valvano and half Dane Cook. All awesome. I especially love the stage. The backdrop probably cost a fortune to build and I’ve never seen a band further from the singer or the camera. They just let Tom dominate.

    As for The Sensational Alex Harvey, yikes. That’s just painful. Irony requires that the audience be in on the joke, or impending tragedy. I was not and so this looks more like dorky teenagers rocking out to the radio. Only they’re tuned in to polka.

    The poor production value offers some good laughs.

    “Brava” for finding these nuggets.

  2. The Sensation Alex Harvey Band was a 70’s thing, and so has a 70’s sensibility. Their was very popular in West Berlin, for some reason.

    Their cover of “Tomorrow Belongs To Me” is creepy (in the good way) and fun, as well.

  3. Travis: The Thunderball theme is a fine, fine thing. Isn’t it about time for a Bond weekend marathon? I think so.

    Peterb: At last, I clicked that link and watched the Leningrad Cowboys and the Russian Red Army Choir. How can I have lived so lived without seeing this?!? A thing of fearsome beauty. The spinning girls! The tractor-themed instruments! The choir! The hair! These are amazing times we live in.

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