Holding pattern

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Is it too early to give up on the “post every day in 2008” project? We’re only four days into this new year, and I already feel I’m miles behind in every facet of life.

One thing I can say is this: I will limit the number of posts I write like this one, which pretty much say only “I have nothing new to say.”

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  1. I thought about doing that also but since the one night I had a couple of beverages I didn’t post until after midnight but I was still awake. I guess I *COULD* change the timestamp but that’s cheating.

    wait, what was I saying again?


  2. Hey, my goal for 2008 is to post regularly on MWF, and so far I’m failing spectacularly at that. Set reasonable goals and fall short, that’s my philosophy. :-)

  3. I am purposely not trying to attempt such a task. Because I know myself and I know that I don’t always have something to say. I certainly wish I did have enough content to update everyday. Maybe when I have more interesting endeavors happening. Like when I retire and travel constantly.

  4. Father Spoon: I really enjoyed the November post-a-day challenge, as you know, and getting at least something small on the web before midnight each day was part of the game. I may have cheated once, but only by a few minutes, and the post would have actually been written but there would have been some outside delay. Anyway, it’s not for a record but just for fun, so if a couple of posts come in after midnight I won’t cry.

    Christina: I wonder if unreasonable goals are sometimes more entertaining than reasonable ones, and therefore easier to focus on.

    Norm: Part of this experiment is finding the lower bound of interesting. For example, on this tiny post that said so little, three people commented within 24 hours. That’s a bigger response than I get on long posts that take over an hour to write. Counter-intuitive, no?

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